Everett Charles Technologies


VG Mass Interconnect is a series of modular fixture products that allows quick connection between the UUT (unit under test) and a custom test system.  Recognizing the need for low cost mass interconnect technology solutions, Everett Charles Technologies (TTI Testron) launched the VG Series Product line in 1990.

Using the GR2270 receiver platform originally developed at Augat-Pylon, ECT added power and coaxial signal capability to the product offerings.  The reliable low cost solution quickly grew as the 2270 interface was well recognized throughout the ATE industry. Dubbing the product VG for VXI and GPIB, ECT has continuously added technology, contact density and contact reliability to the product.

Today, Everett Charles Technologies is the recognized global leader in GR2270 mass interconnect technology solutions for the functional test industry.

To read more about ECT‘s VG Mass Interconnect Products visit https://ect-cpg.com/vg-mass-interconnect-products