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The STORIMPEX company group was founded in 1995 by Mister Friedrich Winkelmann. The corporations of the group are specialized in trade, waste removal and recycling, treatment and production of special products, development of alternative energy concepts, as well as monitoring highly complex company managements.

  • STORFLUX NATURE is a virgin oil for regeneration of oxidated binding material, which meets future requirements foCO2 reduction.  
  • STORELASTIC is a newly developed product by the STORIMPEX Asphaltec GmbH for use in asphalt production and can be delivered in tankers to the asphalt mixing plants or in Big Bags. It is a composite of qualified rubber granulate, Fischer Tropsch wax and STORFLUX variations, which is produced homegenically in a special production process. With the addition of STORELASTIC in the asphalt, similar properties as those in the polymerically modified mixture are being achieved. Mixture produced with this procedure therefore has a similiar effect and additionally offers even more advantages like an improved grip and reduction of running noises. The savings of polymer and pulp, as well as the reduction of the mixture and installation temperature of up to 30°C at the same density level compared to regular rubber modified asphalt, makes STORELASTIC a unique product. Additionally, the STORELASTIC-addition can be dosaged exactly for any desired binder content over the filling scales. This modification allows the addition of reclaimed asphalt without any limitations.